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Digital Vortex Mixers


Vortex Mixers are essential research lab instruments used for mixing & stirring in a variety of applications. Our strict quality control and manufacturing processes ensure every Silent Shaker® Vortex Mixer is precise, accurate and easy to use. These mixers conform to international design specifications and safety regulations to protect the user and environment.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Brushless DC motor drive for long life.
  • Three operation modes: touch control, timed, or continuous mode.
  • Constant torque within the full range of speed.
  • Counter balance design for minimal body vibration.
  • Universal Head for a wide variety of mixing applications.


Model VM-01U(Previous Model HYQ-3110) VM-02U(Previous Model HYQ-3111)

Product Name Vortex Mixer with Digital Controlled Timer and Analog Adjusted Speed Vortex Mixer with Digitally Controlled Timer and Speed
Operation Mode Touch control Timed or Continuous Run
Orbital Diameter Circular Orbit, 4.5mm Dia.
Stirring Speed 200~3000rpm
Platform Dimension Φ76mm
Speed Display N/A LED
Timing Display LED
Ambient Temperature 5℃~45℃
Relative Humidity <80%
Max.Load 0.5Kg
Max.Power 24W
Power Supply AC100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz
Weight 4Kg
Accessories in Standard Package Head for Single Tube VMA01(HYQF-1)
Dimensions 108×155×105mm


Part Number Name Description Picture
VMA01(HYQF-1) Single Tube Head This standard platform head features a concave design for easy single tube stirring.
VMA04(HYQF-4) 12mm Tube Holder Used with Adaptor (HYQF-2). Holds 7×12mm tubes.
VMA05(HYQF-6) Customizable Tube Bank Used with Adaptor (HYQF-2). Holes can be drilled by the customer for customer applications.
VMA02(HYQF-2) Adaptor Used with HYQF-4, HYQF-6.
VMA06(HYQF-7) Microplate Holder Head Used instead of Standard Head. Holds a single microplate.
VMA03(HYQF-3) Shim Clamps Used with HYQF-13, HYQF-14, and HYQF-15.
VMA07(HYQF-13) Elisa Plate Holder Mounted on Shim Clamps (HYQF-3) to hold elisa plate
VMA08(HYQF-14) Combination Tube Holder Mounted on Shim Clamps (HYQF-3); Used for 1.5/2.0ml, 5/7ml, and 10/15ml tube.
VMA09(HYQF-15) PCR Tube/Plate Holder Mounted on Shim Clamps (HYQF-3); Used on PCR tubes, Strips and Plates.

Note: Customized tube holders are available according customer’s specification.

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