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Mini Water Baths


This mini Water Bath is a high-precision, intelligent temperature instrument which is widely used in colleges and universities, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other scientific research. Coupled with sophisticated micro-computer temperature control system, this instrument provides high precision and accurate temperature control. Automatic overheating device is also available to prevent dry burning and over heating.


  • Designed with a small footprint.
  • Microprocessor-controlled.
  • Overheating alarm.
  • Models WB-01A & WB-01E are available with a programmable feature.
  • Various types of tube holders are available to meet the needs of every customer.


Model WB-01 WB-02

Product Name Programable Digital Bath LED Digital Bath
Temp. Range Ambient: +5℃~100℃
Temp.Uniformity ±0.3℃
Max. Capacity 240ml
Programming Yes NA
Display LCD LED
Timing 99h 59min NA
Max. Power 90W
Ambient Temperature 4℃~40℃
Protection Level IP21
Exterior Dimensions 262×143×96mm
Power Supply AC110V/60Hz(US) AC220V/50Hz(Eur)
Weight 1.2kg


Part Number Name Hole Size Picture
WBA10 Tube Holder A 5ml(15×Φ16mm)
WBA11 Tube Holder B 1.5ml(28×Φ11mm)
WBA12 Tube Holder C 0.2ml(96×Φ8mm)
WBA13 Tube Holder D 5ml, 1.5ml, 0.2ml
(5×Φ16mm, 7×Φ11mm, 22×Φ8mm)

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