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Economical Magnetic Stirrers


The CTI magnetic stirrer is the instrument essential in every laboratory for mixing solutions. These magnetic stirrers are the economical choice for chemistry, biology & clinical labs everywhere..


  • Max. stirring quantity 10L.
  • Variable speed adjustment. MS-01DU includes timing function.
  • DC motor provides accurate and stable stirring speed.
  • Previous setting will be automatically saved when restarting the unit.
  • ABS plastic working plate with excellent durability and chemical resistance.
  • Exterior specifically designed to prevent leaking.


Model MS-01AU MS-01DU

Stirring Speed 0~1500rpm 80~1500rpm
Maximum Capacity (water) 10L
Platform Size 175×175mm
Material of Top Plate ABS Engineered Plastic
Outside Dimensions (W×D×H) 355×240×120mm
Number of Stirring Positions 1
Max .length of stir bar ≤80mm
Net Weight 2.5kg 3kg
Ambient Temperature 5℃~45℃
Max. Power 7.5W 48W
Color White
Power Supply AC 100V~240V / 50Hz~60Hz
Protection Level (DIN EN60529) IP21(DIN EN60529)

Note: Speed parameters 12×50 cylindrical stirring in aqueous solution as the standard work 10L.

Manual Download