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The Tube Revolver can be used in a variety of laboratory fields such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical, and Histochemistry. The rotisseries are interchangeable so that the unit works with a variety of tube sizes. The four rotisserie paddles can be mixed for a combination of different tubes. Each paddle direction can be independently adjusted from 0-90 degrees.

In addition to the speed adjustability and digital display, Model TR-02U can be programmed to operate in a back and forth oscillating mode, simulating the mixing process by hand. Oscillation occurs at every 40 degrees in the rotation. The combination of rotation and oscillation mixes liquid more effectively.


  • Small footprint, “Plug and Play” operation.
  • Includes five different interchangeable rotisseries.
  • Rotation direction can be changed by slightly touching the rotisseries.
  • Paddle angle is adjustable for different mixing purposes.
  • High quality, maintenance-free motor with quiet operation.


Model TR-01(Previous Model HYQ-1130A) TR-02U(Previous Model HYQ-1131A)

Product Name Tube Revolver with Fixed Speed Tube Revolver with Variable Speed and Digital Display
Rotation Speed 18rpm 10~40rpm
Capacity Combination of 4 Paddles of 7×10/15ml Tubes, 7×5/7ml Tubes, 15×1.5/2.0ml Tubes, 21×0.5/0.8ml Tubes. One Paddle of 6×50ml Tubes.
Rotisserie Paddles in Standard Package TRA01(HYQF-8) (2pcs), TRA02(HYQF-9) (2pcs), TRA03(HYQF-10) (2pcs), TRA04(HYQF-11) (2pcs), TRA05(HYQF-12) (2pcs)
Operational Temperature 4℃~60℃
Outside Dimensions W×D×H 225×154×195mm
Max. Power 4W 6W
Weight 0.8Kg 1.2Kg
Power Supply AC110V/60Hz(US)


Name Part Number(Previous Part Number) Picture PCS/Pack
Rotisserie Paddles for 10ml/15ml Tubes TRA01(HYQF-08) 2
Rotisserie Paddles for 5ml/7ml Tubes TRA02(HYQF-09) 2
Rotisserie Paddles for 1.5ml/2ml Tubes TRA03(HYQF-10) 2
Rotisserie Paddles for 0.5ml/0.8ml Tubes TRA04(HYQF-11) 2
Rotisserie Paddles for 50ml Tubes TRA05(HYQF-12) 1
Magnetic Platform TRA06(TBA1A) 1

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